You are what you eat. Seasonal diets will therefore only result in short time effects. I’ll show you how to stay in shape permanently.


Your body actually only needs essential foods such as carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and trace elements, etc. Our supermarkets are nowadays mainly full of foods that are advertised as healthy, quick and easy to prepare. Unfortunately, many processed foods contain refined sugar, appetizing sweeteners, and other chemical additives that provide great taste, color, and texture, but can also be harmful to your health.

With so much oversupply and advertising, we have forgotten how quick, easy and really delicious food can not only be, but can keep you in shape and even heal you.

Back to the roots

It has little to do with esotericism, but with natural nutrition. I will help you to understand the importance and necessity of food; the simplicity of the predominantly meat-free preparation. To prepare a diversified and uncomplicated healthy meal in the kitchen is fun and enjoyment that gives you a break from the stressful everyday life.


What can you expect?

A selection of regional and national foods, preferably in natural organic quality, exotic spices and local herbs, sweet and salty, bitter to sour – a potpourri of variety for your taste buds.

I will accompany you on your way until you have put away your old “wrong” eating habits and are able to put together the “new foods” yourself with pleasure and individually according to your taste.


Step by step we analyze together what is currently on your menu and what your goals are. Then I will put together a nutrition plan tailored to your goals and wishes, including a seasonal food list and recipe suggestions. If you like, we can cook together too. Then you can get started and we’ll see how you can handle the change. We will make adjustments to the plan as appropriate.

Sounds interesting to you?