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05 Apr

Fortunately, the bestseller “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ” with the introductory sentence “… how does poop actually work …” made the topic socially acceptable and encouraged more people to not only talk to their gastroenterologist regarding digestive problems, flatulence, constipation and similar issues. You can help yourself. Some millennia-old cultures practice what conventional medicine has long had a hard time with. The human body’s immune system is in the gut.


A healthy gut is evidence of a healthy immune system. Conversely, this means that your immune system is working poorly and you are often sick, have a cold, have poor wound healing, a bloated stomach, metabolic disorders / anabolism, food intolerances, etc., could be remedied with an gut rehabilitation. A wide variety of methods are used for this, such as:

I believe the oldest and, at the same time, the most cost-effective method is the classic enema. Those women who have already given birth may have been confronted with it.

Why do an enema at all?

You can only refill an empty vessel.

Enemas are often used in combination with fasting as a restart for better nutrition. This can help reduce food addictions, rejuvenate the body’s cells, prevent lifestyle diseases, it improves mood, it can help with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, and much more.

How does an enema work?

It is no rocket science; Fill the irrigator (that’s the name of the vessel) with approx. 1 liter of lukewarm water, then lay down in a comfortable position on your left side, put the pipe in the anus, turn on the tap, let the water run … When the container is completely empty, control your sphincter and keep the water in your body for as long as possible. Some people do various exercises, changing position from the left in the candle to the right in the dog (it’s a yoga exercise), back to the left position and so on and so forth … and rinse the water through the gut like in the washing machine 😉 … but this is not a must!


Under certain circumstances, the enema removes water and minerals from the body, which can massively disrupt the body’s own household. There can also be a risk of injury when inserting the plastic pipe, mostly when inserting the klister into the anus when it is too dry! Use a body-friendly fat such as coconut oil. Please do not use Vaseline because of its petroleum based!

Since an intestinal irrigation always has an irritating effect on the intestinal activity and intestinal mucosa, it is better not to use enemas even with certain previous illnesses and symptoms.

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