Mario Ban: My qualifications

  • 2006 – Fitness Trainer | BSA
  • 2006 – Nutrition Trainer | BSA
  • 2008 – Climbing Trainer | DAV

Any personal fitness trainer who claims they have an exercise program or other means that will get you to your dream body in half the time or just a few workouts is a charlatan. …

Most of the time it is just a dream, without the desired body. The truth is, unless you are in your early-to-late twenties or are gifted with a healthy metabolism and fast-responding muscles, you need to exercise vigorously at least twice a week, preferably more often.

I will sensitize you to your body and its possibilities so that after a few training units you can start to train specifically and independently in parallel to the training sessions I lead. Having your own “small” fitness studio at any location at any time should be motivation enough to overcome your inner “weaker self”. I’ll show you the door; you have to go through it yourself.


My name is Mario Ban.

More than forty years ago I started my sporty journey with old-school skating. Then there were sports like: karate, kick boxing, tai chi and yoga, water skiing, snowboarding, stand-up paddling, wake boarding, kiting and diving. Since 2004 my heart has also been beating for sport climbing & bouldering for my daily fitness.

I’ve never been a fan of tablets for headaches or digestive problems, flu, etc. I prefer to take preventive measures. That’s why I started looking at nutrition and alternative healing methods in my 20s. I am a flexitarian and combine the advantages of different nutritional concepts.


My Motivation

At a young age you can pull up trees and move mountains without thinking about it. This occasionally leads to premature injuries and premature termination or damage that only becomes noticeable years later. In order to minimize injuries, I am happy to accompany you on your way to physical health and fitness.

Sounds interesting to you?

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