Fitness Trainer: Healthy and fit all of life

… if there would not be so many myths:

“Men get a belly from 30 at the latest.”
“Women keep a few extra pounds on their hips after having their first child.”
“With medication you get well soon.”
“With old age, the skin becomes slack.”
“Some people are predisposed to get fat or have heavy bones.”
“Others have been genetically lucky and always stay slim.”

All absolute nonsense! You decide what your body looks like and how healthy you are – no matter how old you are and what gender you are. Essentially, it only takes three components – your will, your diet and physical fitness.

I am Mario, over 50 years old and have been involved in nutrition and sport for decades – successfully, as I am always estimated to be under 40! And I am not another posing mid twenty aged fitness guru who presents you with his steel body and you book me in the hope of looking like that too. I will show you ways to permanently change your diet and create a fitness program that is individually tailored to you and your goals. Because only permanent care of your body will help you to stay healthy, fit and young. The good news is, it is never too late to start.

What can you expect from me as Nutrition and Fitness Trainer? No conventional protein shakes, power bars, low-fat chicken breast with rice or counting calories while lifting weights! I will help you with a varied, fresh cuisine that makes you feel full, tastes good and provides you with most of the nutrients you need to get and stay healthy. For fitness training you don’t really need more than just your body and motivation – no matter where you are!

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