Climbing is not just a sport that trains the entire body perfectly, it can become a lifestyle and become addicting.

Climbing as a sporting activity is multifaceted. Climbing training stands for:

  • Individual training and climbing technique (bouldering)
  • Secure partner training (sport climbing)
  • It means taking responsibility for your climbing partner or in a team (team building)
  • In the therapeutic area like reduction of fear of heights
  • Strengthening the muscles

In the climbing halls of the urban metropolises or the most remote rocks in the world for die-hard outdoor freaks – there is something for everybody. Children instinctively climb anything that can be climbed; Trees, scaffolding, climbing castles, etc. without thinking about the “how”. They just do it! Sport climbing is like tai chi in the vertical, an individual choreography for the route on the wall. Sport climbing enjoys a diverse community. The age at which you start doesn’t matter.

The focus is on the fun factor, the sporty aspect and the training.


What can you expect?

I will show you exercises to effectively and sustainably strengthen the muscle parts required for bouldering and climbing – and not to forget to stretch them to prevent shortening.

When bouldering, I will show you as a beginner which techniques you can use to start effectively. As an advanced learner, I will show you techniques and exercises on how to reach the next level of difficulty.

When climbing rope, I’ll show you the right belay method for the top rope. When you are advanced, I will show you the belay method for the lead climb, rope guidance and clipping.

Sounds interesting to you?